About us

Bay12 Films is an award winning Production Company that specialises in bringing original ideas and innovative, high-end content from script to screen.

Formed and run by brothers Oliver Cullen and Jake Cullen, the company prides itself on producing noteworthy films that are aesthetically striking and unique; fulfilling client needs whilst surpassing client expectations.

With over 7 years' experience in the Film, Television and Marketing industries, Bay12 Films is well equipped to deal with all aspects of the production process.

The Attendant - short film

Starring Robert James-Collier (Downton Abbey) and Isy Suttie (Peep Show), The Attendant tells the story of Alex, a hapless and hopeless romantic, who has worked the graveyard shift of an isolated petrol station for longer than he cares to remember.

The time spent on his own, away from meaningful interaction, has allowed Alex to create a fantasy world. In the early hours, as Alex readies himself to embark on another flight of fancy, a customer appears at the window who might just change his world forever.

who we are

Jake Cullen completed his degree in Film & Theatre Studies in 2009, and was fortunate enough to immediately gain employment in the industry.

Over the past 7 years Jake has gained experience across a wide variety of roles, starting out in post-production, working in the Art Department, working both sides of production both in house at Fifty Fathom Productions and on set on many Film & TV projects.

Recently, Jake has Associated Produced an eight part documentary series for CNBC International, a technology based series focusing on technology titled ‘The Microsoft Cloud Challenge’.

Most notably Jake recently spent 3 years working as Assistant to Liz Trubridge, the Executive Producer of Downton Abbey, and worked on the award winning series from season 3 to its culmination in season 6.

Previously he worked as Assistant to Donovan Marsh on the upcoming feature film, ‘Hunter Killer’, starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman .

Jake’s extensive on set experience, knowledge of script development and background in post-production has developed a skillset that can be practically applied when devising and overseeing creative ideas and concepts from script to screen. His passion for story telling coupled with his in depth understanding of the production process and the practicality of film making, make his attributes a huge asset to any production he encounters.

One such project, was the short film The Attendant, which Jake co-wrote and co-directed and produced. The film stars Robert James-Collier & Isy Suttie, and has won numerous awards, including ‘First Prize’ in the ‘Directorial Discovery’ category at the Rhode Island Film Festival, ‘Best Comedy Short’ at the European Short Film Festival, and ‘Best Foreign Short’ at the LA Comedy Festival. The film also received a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from the Mumbai International Short Film Festival.

Jake has also produced online adverts for 1000 Heads and whilst at Downton directed and shot campaign videos for the charity, ‘Wand Aid’ involving the cast of the series.

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